Moving Tips.

Some handy hints we’ve picked up over the years:

Appliances and Fittings
If any of these require professional disconnection or plumbing, make arrangements for the appropriate person to be called before the moving day. We do not disconnect stoves and heaters, etc.. Some washing machine drums and refrigerator motors need to be bolted down; this can only be carried out if you have the appropriate bolts available. Please check with the appropriate manufacturer as you may need to employ their services to attend to your appliance. We are also unable to take down electrical fittings or to take down a TV aerial from your roof. Depending on prior arrangements, it may be advisable to check with your solicitor regarding the moving of fixtures and fittings.

Bed and Bedding
If we are packing, just fold bedding and leave on the bed for us to pack. When packing, label the packed carton “bedding“ and the room to which it will be moved so that it is easily identified in your new home. If you have a water-bed this must be drained prior to the moving day. Please check with your waterbed service agent prior to the moving day.

IKEA/Freedom type furniture: we ask you to dismantle these pieces before the removal as this furniture is manufactured not to be moved whilst assembled and can easily be damaged if we attempt to do so.

Furniture Keys
We ask that filing cabinets are emptied and then locked. If you lock the doors to a crystal cabinet or bookcase, for example, remember that the shelves (glass as well as wooden) need to be removed and our staff will be unable to access them. Please keep keys accessible in case they are required. Our general rule is to put the key/s into the drawer of cabinet for safe keeping.

Garden Equipment
Clean garden tools (taping them together in a bundle is most helpful).

Money, Jewellery, Documents
Does your insurance policy specifically cover these goods in transit? If not, you are responsible for moving these valuables. It is best to take them with you personally. Keep your passports, birth certificates, chequebooks, car log books, taxation records and any other documents you may need together in a separate carton marked “DO NOT REMOVE”. Keep this to one side for you to take and do not include these items with the goods that are to be moved or stored.

Parking Restrictions
Please advise New Life Relocations of any traffic restrictions outside the house you are either moving from or to, and keep the frontage clear of vehicles, requesting your neighbours do the same. Parking your own vehicles in order to hold the space for the large truck is a great idea.

Stereo/Sound Equipment
Ensure that this are packed into cartons – their original packaging is best if you still have it. Otherwise, pack into removalist cartons padded with plenty of crushed paper and/or bedding/cushions, etc.

We have prepared a concise list of suggestions to help make your move seemless, be sure to let us know any additions that have worked well for you!

  • Disconnect your washing machine and drain out all water.
  • Drain all fuels from lawn mowers, whipper snippers, etc.
  • Clean BBQ.
  • Dismantle any playground equipment or outdoor furniture as needed.
  • Wash rubbish bins.
  • Dispose of all unsealed or opened liquids.
  • Do not polish furniture or clean rugs.
  • Clean and dry inside of your fridge and dishwasher.
  • Place a handful of fresh coffee or baking soda in an old sock, leave in fridge and dishwasher to keep interior smelling fresh.

Pack a “Load Last” Box 

  • Sheets and towels so that you won’t have to search through all boxes on your first night in your new home.
  • Toiletries, maybe also flashlight, small screwdriver, pliers, can opener, paper plates and cups, coffee, tea and snacks.

Do a final Inspection so nothing is left behind. It is your responsibility to see that all your goods are loaded, so please remain on the premises until our men have confirmed with you that everything has been loaded.

Handy Suggestions For Packing
If you have decided to do the packing yourself, organize to have your packing materials delivered as soon as it is convenient and start packing items you won’t be needing until after your move. The earlier you get started, the easier it will be for you.
Our golden rule is: whatever fits in a carton, pack into a carton!

  • Pack books in smaller cartons only – please do not use standard size cartons.
  • Write directly on packaging tape the room you want the carton to be delivered to at your new home.
  • Always seal the carton securely at the bottom and also across the top with 5cm (2”) packing tape.
  • For delicate items, line the based and sides of the carton with crushed paper – approx. 10cm (4”) thick.
  • Wrap goods individually, placing the heaviest items on the bottom and lighter items on top.
  • Pack similar items and sets in the same carton.
  • Place a layer of crushed paper between each layer of packing and one on top before you seal the lid.
  • Please note again: the smaller cartons are for packing of books and heavier items, do not use Standard cartons (they are far too heavy for our men, and you, to lift and carry).

Arrangements at Your New Home

  • Be sure you or your representative is present at your new home when removalists arrive.
  • If parking is restrictive, organize family or friends to arrive first to secure space for the truck to locate as close to the unloading point as possible.
  • Set up the T.V. / VCR first to occupy the kids (please request the removalist load this close to the back of the truck)
  • Prior to plugging in your computer, allow it to adjust to room temperature first.
  • If you have clearly identified your cartons as to their appropriate rooms, the men will deliver these to their appropriate locations.

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